What is Gel Polish?

What is Gel Polish?

We don’t know anyone who doesn’t want a long lasting manicure. It’s the reason most of us regularly head to the closest nail salon. But as we all navigate the world’s “new normal” amid covid lockdowns, hygiene concerns and the overwhelming odour at nail salons many of us are looking for a new alternative.

Gel Polish is the perfect option for that long lasting manicure and best of all you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

What is Gel Polish?

Gel polish is applied like regular nail polish but requires an LED lamp to harden. Gel polish contains photo-initiated polymers that are activated when exposed to light. Using an LED nail lamp these polymers absorb the light and harden and cure allowing the gel polish to adhere to your nail.

How long does Gel Polish last?

Unlike regular polish, gel polish when applied correctly can last up to 14 days and depending on how you care for your nails you may even get a little longer.

Is Gel Polish easy to use?

Yes, Pinkwolf gel polish is super easy to apply. The most important part of doing your nails at home is the preparation. Nail prep is the secret to great long lasting gel. Tidying up cuticles, removing any oils off the nail plate and filing a shape you want is all achievable and you don’t need to be a nail tech to do it. It does take a bit of practice, so be patient especially with your non dominant hand. But if I can do it,  I am sure you can too.

How do remove Gel Polish at home?

There are a few options to remove Pinkwolf Gel Polish at home. One way you can wrap your nail in cotton wool soaked in acetone, wait and then wipe off. We are looking forward to launching a new Australian product that you can simply paint onto your nail plate and wait then gently scrape off the gel polish. Please do remember though don’t pick at your gel polish and peel it off. This can remove a layer of your nail and could cause a weaken nail plate.

I hope this helps explain Gel Polish, so we hope you give it a try real soon,

Love Trace xxx

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