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Easy DIY Nail Extensions

The Pinkwolf Nail extensions are an easy DIY way to extend your natural nail. The Pinkwolf formula is a combination gel that uses the best parts of acrylic nails and gel nails and was created orginally by nail technicians in the USA. Polygel (as it is commonly known as) offers the best of both worlds and our Pinkwolf polymer gel is easy to apply, can last on your nails for over a month and best of all, it doesnt ruin your natural nail like acrylics do. It is perfect for anyone who is wanting longer beautiful nails with out the expense of a salon. You can choose to use the polygel as your finished nail or enhance your new extensions by applying Pinkwolf gel polish. No nail tech required.


Nail Extensions

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Gel Nail Polish

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Who is Pinkwolf ?

A few years ago we set out ot find an inexpensive way to do our own nails at home but couldn't find any good salon quality DIY products. So we decided to develop our own range that could be used by anyone at home - no nail tech required. After a long and extensive process we are proud to have created salon quality products without all the Nasties. Our Pinkwolf gel nail polish has a 14-Free formula, is vegan and has a very low odour and is aligned with the extremely high standards of Europe. This means you can safely use our gel nail polish at home without the strong salon smell. Easy to apply, our gel nail polish is long wearing and gives you the perfect manicured look without the salon price tag. If you want to extend your nails, try our Pinkolf nail extensions. Our DIY polygel extension nails are easy to do at home and won't damage your natural nails. So if you are wanting the perfect manicured look for a fraction of the price, we have you covered. Oh and the best bit is that all our products are in stock and ready to ship, because we are 100% Australian.

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