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About Us

I have always looked after my nails but couldn’t always fit in a salon visit let alone afford the costly upkeep. After not having much luck finding a salon quality product that I could use at home, I decided to create a product that others could also enjoy. So together with my mum Tracey we began Pinkwolf. After more than 2 years of working with manufacturers here in Australia and around the world we have created a wonderful salon quality gel polish for you at home.

Our Pinkwolf gel nail polish has low odour, is 100% vegan and of course cruelty free. Add to this the long lasting colour formula, our Pinkwolf gel polish has the added benefit of being 14-Free. That means it doesn’t contain all the nasties that can be found in some other gel nail polishes.

We have all the products you need for the perfect DIY manicure or Pedicure and we also offer the latest polygel nail extensions that are taking the world by storm. Our Polymer Nail Gel is an easy way to create long beautiful nails at home and best of all they are not Acrylic! so don’t damage your natural nails.

We hope you all enjoy Pinkwolf. 

Love Tiarna