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What nail shape is best for you?

With so many different nail shapes to choose from how to do you know what works for you best? I think it is personal preference but here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on a nail shape. Here are my favourite 3 shapes that are easy to create at home and more importantly easy to maintain.

Round: round nail shapes are great if you have short nails and a wide nail plate. They are the easiest to re create at home and are very easy to maintain. A gentle rounded edge to your nail give the illusion of a more elongated hand.

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Almond: An almond shape is a great look for the longer nail and is gently rounded at the tip. this nail shape works with natural nails or nail enhancements like polymer nail extensions. The easiest way to create this look is filing your nails from the side to the centre on each side of your nail. Almond nail shape also elongates your hand and nail and with the added length you can experiment with a few nail art ideas. 

Square: A square nail is also super easy to maintain and is a low maintenance style. It is perfect for a shorter nails or if you have a bit of length and can be easy to shape at home. Make sure you get under the nail on the sides pulling the file away from you to create a square edge. 

Love Tracey & Tiarna xx




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